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Our Policies and FAQ from wholesalers:

How do I place an actual order?
We prefer you fax us your orders to 727-586-0822 or call us by phone 727-581-6827.
We no longer support an on-line order cart system for wholesale dealers, no one was using it and expense of maintaining and updating it was becoming cost prohibitive.

How do I pay?
We typically set you up to pay by Visa or Mastercard.  We can also send items by C.O.D. or possibly on memo if you qualify.   Easiest for us is to have you pay by credit card upon the items being shipped out inclusive also of the shipping costs.

What kind of guarantees do I get when I buy Estate Sterling Silverware?
Our Estate sterling silverware comes to you in good condition but not customer ready.

There will be no dents but there will be light scratches that may need to be buffed out.

Do you polish Estate items that I buy from you?
Yes we will polish your purchased items. However we do charge a minimal fee for this service.
Please be aware that this service will delay shipping of your order by as much as two weeks.

Sometime I may order a few times a day can I have my orders Shipped together?
We do try our best to combine all your together for shipping no matter how many orders you

place in a day.  However during holiday seasons we may elect not to do so due to demands on
the shipping staff.

Who pays for shipping the items to us?
Dealers will pay the cost to ship the items at our current rates.

What is your Return Policy?
We have a 10-day return policy, if due to damage or our error. 
If flatware is received back by our company 10 day after receipt of merchandise, we will refund your order less a 15% restocking fee. 
If your order is returned over 45 days from the time the order was received by you, we may refuse the return or buy it back at a much lesser rate. 
Buffing Charges are not refundable, no exceptions made! Once you receive our merchandise and inspect is to your satisfaction it is yours!

Additional Notes:
Due to fluctuations in the price in silver and manufacturer's sales, all of our prices are subject change without notice.
We will call or email you back within 2 working days if your order is unable to be filled, or short of some pieces.

Didn't you used to send out a printed wholesale book?
We used to print a wholesale book 6-8 times per year, but in recent years the number of dealers who ordered from it dropped off to a trickle and so it was no longer cost effective to print and mail it.  The wholesale site now serves as our primary marketing tool for our wholesale business.

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